Basic Services


Basic "Routine" Checks

Whether you are a snowbird, part-timer or just away on vacation, our "Routine" home check is our primary service. We offer affordable rates for weekly, twice a month, and monthly home checks. We recommend the weekly check because here in Florida - anything can happen in a week. 

Exterior check list includes but is not limited to:

- Remove solicitations, newspapers, and debris

- Sweep entryway and walkway

- Sweep away any spider webs from eves and screens

- Check all doors and windows for signs of vandalism, damage, forced entry or other potential crime

- Check for signs of wind and/or water damage and leaks

- Check for signs of pests, wasp/bees nests

- Check for mold

- Check lanai screen enclosure for damage or tampering

- Visual inspection of pool and spa water level

Interior check list includes but is not limited to:

- Check that all doors and windows are locked

- Run all faucets and flush toilets to eliminate potential sewer smell and dried gaskets

- Check for leaks and mold

- Wipe down all sinks, showers and tubs after running water to prevent water stains

- Check for unusual sounds or smells

- Check for pest infestation

- Check refrigerator operation and temperature settings

- Check dishwasher for leaks

- Check gabage disposal operation and check for leaks

- Check water softener and salt level (if applicable)

- Check for evidence of tripped breakers or power outages

- Water interior plants

- Check that garage door is locked

- Start and run vehicle (car or golf cart) if desired

We will immediately notify you if we find any damage or anything out of the ordinary. We will send photos (if there is damage or issue to be addressed). A report will be completed and provided after each visit.


We offer affordable rates starting at $25 a visit. Rates are based on the size of your home, frequency of our visits and individualized customized plans. Please call for more detailed information and a free consultation.

Vacation or Storm related checks

Vacation checks and storm related checks are considered concierge items due to the fact that you may only need our services once or twice during that time. We will still complete our "routine" checks plus what ever is necessary for the situation or per reasonable request.

What else we do

-Integrity Home Check can work with your realtor if you're buying or selling a home and are in another location to keep your home maintained and to protect your investment.

-We will also maintain your home while vacant between rentals.