Home Check Special Services


Hurricane/Tropical Storm Services

A storm does not have to be a named hurricane to cause worry and damage to your home. Daily storms here in Florida cause high winds, rain, lightning, flooding and more.  Power outages or power surges can damage your electrical system, appliances, and pool equipment for starters.


- Bring in any items that could be damaged or cause damage if caught by high winds like patio furniture, flower pots, plants

- Assist with hurricane shutter installation. We are not a hurricane shutter installation company but will do our best to help your installer and/or help locate someone to work for you.


- Inspect your property and notify you as soon as possible if any damage or issues were found

- Return items brought inside to where they belong

- Assist with the replacement of the shutters after they are taken down.

Concierge Services

There are always things that happen outside the "routine". Here are some of our home check special services.

- Be the contact person for the police or fire department if your alarm goes off. We are familiar with police/fire procedures and routines

- Let vendors into the home and stay with them if necessary

- Prep the home for your return; stock fridge, air out the house or turn the AC up, a quick dusting

- Allow packages to be sent to us so we can bring them into your house

- Vacation home check 

Pricing will be specific to the service requested